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How do I know if the cremated ashes belong to my pet?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

It is never easy to deal with the loss of your beloved pet. When you finally took the courage to bring him/her to the pet cremation service provider, you want to make sure the ashes you get are only those of your pet. Below are three tips that you can make sure the cremated ashes belong to your pet.

1. Choose Individual Pet Cremation Service

Even though it is more affordable to have collective cremation for pets, we would always recommend individual cremation services if you wish to keep the pet ashes intact.

Even if there are only two pets in the same furnace, there is a good chance that the ashes will be mixed together after being cremated at high temperatures.

Most of the pet cremation service providers in Hong Kong provide independent cremation services.

2. Attend the Cremation Ceremony

When you are researching pet cremation service providers in Hong Kong, look for the ones that you can attend the cremation ceremony and view the process.

You will usually have 30min to one hour time for the pet memorial ceremony. It is a good time to share your last memories with your beloved pet in the viewing room or ceremony hall.

Then, the staff will lead you to the pet cremation room where you can witness the cremation ceremony and give your pet the warmest send-off.

If your pet is smaller in size, you may even be able to collect the pet ashes on the same day of cremation. It usually takes an hour to a few hours, depending on the weight and size of the pet.

You also have the option to choose not to have pulverization of the cremated remains.

3. Look for a Heat-Resistant Pad

PET IT GO is the first pet end-of-life service provider in Hong Kong that offers a Heat Resistant Pad for every single pet.

So how does the "Heat Resistant Pad" work?

A brand new "Heat Resistant Pad" is placed under the pet during cremation. The "Heat Resistant Pad " retains all of the cremated remains of the pet after cremation. PET IT GO staff will then take out the pad and handpick all of the cremated remains. After quality checking, the cremated remains will be pulverized for collection or to transform into memorial ashes gemstones.

We see "Heat Resistant Pads" as essential because we treat your pet with the utmost care and respect. Thus, no additional charges are required for Heat Resistant Pads.


Pet ashes symbolize the connection between you and your beloved pet. Always choose a pet cremation service provider that you trust. Ideally, the pet cremation service provider offers individual cremation service, viewing of the cremation ceremony, and provides a "Heat Resistant Pad".

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