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【Ashes Gemstones VS Ashes Diamonds】3 Major Differences

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

To honour our beloved pets, it is common to transform pet ashes into jewelry or memorial items to keep them by our side. Turning ashes to gemstones and ashes to diamonds are getting widely popular. Are they the same thing?

Let's dig out 3 major differences between ashes gemstones and ashes diamonds.

1. Extracting Difference Elements

Ashes Gemstones - Extracting all of the cremated ashes after purification

The cremated ashes are purified by removing non-ashes substances. Then, the ashes are homogenized with biogenic ingredients and fused at a temperature over 800°C into ashes gem.

Ashes Diamonds - Extracting the carbon from cremated ashes

Diamonds are made from carbon. Thus, ashes to diamonds are produced by extracting only carbon from the cremated ashes.

2. Different Natural Colours

Ashes Gemstones - Each has its own unique colour

The natural colours of the ashes gemstones appear in white, grey or green, in some cases, it happens to be a dark colour. Variation in colours comes from the composition of the elements within the cremated ashes.

Ashes Diamonds - Colours made with "High Pressure, High Temperature"

The colour of the ashes diamonds can be altered with "High Pressure, High Temperature" technology. It can appear to be white, pink, blue or other colours.

3. Price

Ashes Gemstones - HK$3k - HK$30K

The price of ashes gemstones ranges from HK$3,300 to around HK$30,000, depending on the cut, the weight of the ashes and the style.

Ashes Diamonds - $17K - $170K

Due to the technological complexity and high equipment costs, one carat of Ashes Diamonds costs at least HK$80,000. If you wish to have a higher carat, more elaborate cuts or colours, it may cost up to HK$170,000.

Pet memorial jewelry or items symbolise the connection between our beloved pets and ourselves. Choose what works best for you based on your budget, taste and preferences. Contact PET IT GO for a professional consultation.

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