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【A Guide to Handle Pet Ashes】 Exploring 4 common practices in Hong Kong

Your beloved pet is part of the family. No matter alive or in cremains. Your companion is gone, but their memory lives on. The ashes of your beloved pet keep the memories alive. How should you deal with the pet ashes? We are exploring four common practices below:

1. Placing the Pet Ashes at Home

Your pet lived in your home when alive. It is a common practice to bring the pet ashes home and let him/her rest in peace in his/her favourite place. This way, your beloved companion is always close to you, just like he/she never left.

If you choose to place the pet ashes at home, make sure the ashes are placed in a ventilated place. Hong Kong is often humid and there is a good chance that the ashes may be soaked. Alternatively, you may add moisture-absorbent products close to the pet urn.

2. Scattering Cremains in Gardens or into the Sea

Green Burial is becoming widely popular. There is an increasing number of people in Hong Kong who consider scattering cremains in gardens or into the sea. It is a beautiful thing to let your pet return to Mother Nature.

Nevertheless, existing scattering services in the Gardens of Remembrance or in Designated Areas of Hong Kong Waters provided by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) are only applicable to cremated human ashes. There are yet to be official scattering cremains services dedicated for pets.

3. Placing at a Pet Columbarium Niche

There are various pet cremation or pet end-of-life service providers in Hong Kong that offer columbarium niches for pets. Pet owners can place pet ashes, pet urns, and pet memorial items inside the columbarium niches and visit anytime.

The pet columbarium niches in Hong Kong are commonly provided by private companies. Pet owners can rent the pet columbarium niches with an annual fee ranging from a dozen thousand to a few thousand Hong Kong dollars. The interment period is generally 1 to 5 years.

Pet columbarium niches are rarely permanent. If you do not wish to lose the columbarium niche of your pet, mark your calendar to renew the internment period and pay the annual fee on time. Most importantly, think long-term and select a trustworthy pet columbarium.

4. Transforming the Pet Ashes into Gemstones

Not everyone likes to see pet urns or ashes. But if you wish to keep the pet ashes close to you, there are pet memorial ashes gemstones for consideration.

To honor our beloved pets, our exclusive partner PETMENTO created the “Cremated Ashes Gemstone” Production Service. Gemstones are made from the ashes of your beloved companion. 100% made in Hong Kong. These stones are crafted into jewelry or memorial items that keep the memory of your furry soulmate close to your heart, forever to eternity.

Customers of PET IT GO selected packages are entitled to have an exclusive discount for PETMENTO ashes gemstones.

It is a deeply personal decision to make. Select what works best for you. Contact 9696 8082 for a professional consultation.

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