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Ashes Gemstones

Our exclusive partner - PETMENTO understands the grief caused by loss. The devastating loss is turned into a positive memory to honour and cherish your pet. PETMENTO created the “Cremated Ashes Gemstone” Production Service. Gemstones are made from the ashes of your beloved companion. These stones are crafted into jewellery or memorial items that keep the memory of your furry soulmate close to your heart, forever to eternity.

Gemstone paw.jpg

Our Story

At PETMENTO we love pets, and we understand the grief caused by the departure of our furry friends. We are here to help the pet lovers continue their deep connection with their loved ones by creating a tribute of unending love and keepsake for all the thoughts and sweet memories close to their hearts.

Each order is tailor-made and handled with care and love. There is a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from; this jewellery or display ornament will serve as a tribute and remembrance of a loved pet.

Crayola Bean

Crayola Bean Kollection

Colourful pendant and bangle from partial ashes

Crystal Contour

Crystal Contour Kollection

Frosted silhouette on glass from partial or whole body ashes

Glassy Cottage

Glassy Cottage Kollection

Glass house for gemstones from whole body ashes

Sugar Ice

Sugar Ice Kollection

Glass figurine with etched details from partial or whole body ashes


Rainbow Kollection

Multi-coloured trinkets from partial ashes

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