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About Us

Image by Agata Create
Funeral Casket Coffin with flowers


Pet It Go is the first pet aftercare service provider with over 20 years of human funeral services experience in Hong Kong. We also own a funeral parlour and crematorium in China.


Because of our experience and background, we take pride in providing the highest standard to every grieving pet parent and client.

Image by Alexandre Jaquetoni
Eco-friendly Green Paper Coffin


Sustainability / Green Burial

We care about the environment we live in. It is our responsibility to keep it as good as we leave it.

We are introducing eco-friendly cremation equipment​ to reduce our carbon footprint. The interior design is aiming to reduce gas emissions. We source eco-friendly coffins​, caskets, and related materials for our customers to choose from.

Our hall

Families and friends get together in exclusive halls to say the warmest goodbye to our furry friends.

Our Hall


Can you see the little paw steps on the ceiling? They symbolize the journey of our lost furry friends on their way to a better place.

our attitude

We care as much as you do. You can count on the PET IT GO team to handle your deceased pets with care and respect.

Dyson drying a cat

*This is our beloved cat.

ashes gemstones

Our exclusive partner, PETMENTO created the “Cremated Ashes Gemstone” Production Service. Gemstones are made from the ashes of your beloved companion. These stones are crafted into jewelry or memorial items that keep the memory of your furry soulmate close to your heart, forever to eternity.

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